Mike and I explored the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula for 2 weeks of flyfishing (Mike), diving (Stacey), snorkeling, Maya ruins, a colonial city, cenotes, quite a few hammocks and lots of great food.

When Mike flew home I headed to San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas for 2 weeks of Spanish study with a small group in tow. We lived with host families and visited area sights including villages, museums, and ruins.

When the group flew home I bused to San Pedro La Laguna on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala for a week of planning for future growth of the Beca Project (link below) and meeting our sponsored kids and their families.

When our daughter Mariah and her husband Greg invited us to share a timeshare in Quintana Roo between Christmas and New Years, a new chapter to this blog was added. HAPPY TRAILS!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Adventure Continues

Mike fished south of Tulum at Boca Paila much of yesterday and today. He’s had a few bonefish follow his flies and landed one; he thinks the flats are too warm for bonefish so he may head back later in the week with wire leader to try specifically for barracuda; he’s seen quite a few and hooked one today which promptly chewed through his line and swam away. He wishes I could write that he’s caught lots of bonefish and landed 3 permit. ;-)

I taxied to a dive shop on the beach today, signed in, paid, and walked across the sand, into the water, and into the boat. It was just the dive master and me and, though it wasn’t the most fabulous diving I’ve experienced, it was a satisfying mix of varied topography and a good variety of fish including butterfly fish, angels, grunts, jacks, schoolmasters, goat fish, damsels, basslets, trumpet fish, trunk fish, and wrasse. Highlights were 3 different types of moray eels including a really enormous green one and 2 beautiful spotted eagle rays that flew slowly past as we rose to the surface on the final dive. Unfortunately, we also saw 3 lion fish which are beautiful but are native to the Pacific and have no predators here; some apparently escaped into the Caribbean when a hurricane devastated a large aquarium a few years back. They are very poisonous and devour young indigenous reef fish like there’s no tomorrow.

This afternoon I talked with our hotel’s cleaning lady, Gabriela, for half an hour. The floor by the door was beyond spotless as she stayed in one spot, nearly finished, talking to me in Spanish about her family in Valladolid (we’re heading there Saturday), her work history, and her 9 month old baby boy.. A lovely experience with a lovely person. Note the elephant made from towels - every day a different creation.

We’ve eaten some great meals including last night’s shrimp tacos pictured below (45 pesos = less than $4).

The town of Tulum stretches down a busy main stretch lined with restaurants and shops. I’ve enjoyed exploring the non tourist parts of town a few blocks to the south, people watching and shopping for fruit and little gifts.

I’ve loved having lots of time for reading and napping. I’ve also enjoyed the peaceful garden area outside our room. There are lots of little lizards and today I saw several crawl down long leaves to the ground, cross the path to the other planting area, and make the reverse trip few minutes later. I think the bathroom must be on that side.

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